Save Your Venom

by: Ashley Roman

Since I got an iPhone last year, I've been pretty obsessed with podcasts. My current favorites are Serial and Heather Dubrow's World. I listen to them every week while I walk the dog, drive in the car, or go to the gym. Earlier this week I was listening once again as I happily worked out on the spin bike (okay fine, I was sweating profusely and constantly staring at the 30 minute timer willing it to end). Anyways, I heard a podcast with and the featured guest was Kristi Ling, the happiness strategist. I really don't like the word 'happy' because it's such a fluffy word. It just sounds so shallow to me.

Everyone wants to be happy, find their happiness, find someone to make them happy.

When I heard this lady who is an expert on happiness was coming on to the show I wasn't expecting much...honestly. However, she had great points and great ideas- I was so inspired I decided to write about it. I actually, perhaps, maybe, will consider buying her newest book.

Kristi Ling wears a rattlesnake ring every day. Kind of a weird piece of jewelry if you ask me. For her, it's a daily reminder to 'save her venom'.

Rattlesnakes have very poisonous venom. They need it to kill their prey so they can eat and survive. If approached by a threat, the snake will not strike. They wait until they are absolutely sure their very life is being threatened. Why? They need to save their venom! If they don't preserve their supply, they won't have it when they really need it. It's a waste.


I need to save my venom! It so perfectly relates to those struggling with anxiety. We get so anxious and freaked out by what-ifs all the time. Our fight or flight responses kick in and we go into hyper drive. For me, it doesn't matter if there is a real dangerous threat, my venom is ready to strike at any hint of fear.

The other day I was driving in the car and started to become consumed with worry that my car would break down and I would have no way to get to work. I started thinking about how we would pay for repairs, could we afford a new car, would Jacob be able to drive me to work in the morning?

Then I paused and remembered the rattlesnake. I want to be a rattlesnake. I want to save my venom. And that's exactly what happened.

I realized how much I was panicking about something that wasn't happening. I was wasting my time and thought energy on a hypothetical situation when the reality was everything was fine.

I love this analogy so much I considered getting my own rattlesnake ring as a reminder. Then I thought about it some more... and realized I would never actually wear that. But it's a great idea for those who love reptiles or animal-themed accessories!

Listening to Kristi's interview inspired me to think more about the things that bring me joy in my daily life and how I can be more intentional with making them a part of my routine.

I want to seek joy and save my venom.