My Favorite Word: Catharsis

by: Ashley Roman

Catharsis =the purging of the emotions or relieving of emotional tensions.

My favorite word. An emotional release. Maybe it's my favorite word because it's something I crave. I want an emotional release. I have so many feelings bottled up, and my whole life I've kept them inside. Figuring out how to let them out is not easy. In fact, I literally have no idea how to do it. Exercise helps. Talking helps. Crying helps. Prayer helps.

I've been experiencing the signs and symptoms of stress lately, and I am craving something cathartic.

I read a daily devotional; prayed out loud; watered my plants; went to the gym; I still felt bottled up.

With the suggestion of my physical therapist, I went back to yoga class this weekend, and it was like chatting with an old friend. I spent over an hour with my breath.

Breathe in for four counts, out for four counts. Again. Again. Again. For over an hour.

It helped a lot. Sleep helped. Sharing with my husband helped.

Some people talk out their emotions with a friend or therapist. Some pray and meditate. My grandmother meditates every single morning- it has changed her life. Some people paint, play music, run, punch things. You do what you have to do to release emotions. The important thing is that you release your emotions. It is so unhealthy to keep everything bottled up. Jesus cried. Jesus experienced anger. He had emotions and expressed them. God created emotions- they are a beautiful thing! It makes us feel human, it makes us feel alive.

Do something cathartic today- this is a constant reminder for me.

What is your emotional release?