A Piece of My Story

by: Ashley Roman

Last month my pastor asked if I would share part of my story with the congregation. He was talking about the healing power of Jesus. He wanted me to express how the Lord and my faith have helped me through a difficult time in my life; and how they are continuing to help.

With the talent of a friend, we had it video recorded and then played on Sunday morning. I am always happy to share some of my story with those who are interested. I love sharing for a few different reasons:

  1. It reminds others, and myself, that I am not perfect. I have struggles, my life feels like it's falling apart sometimes. I want people to know that about me. We are all in this together.
  2. It's a step out of my comfort zone, and I believe it's the things we are afraid of that we must do.
  3. It gives me a chance to share about the love and presence of God I have in my life. I want everyone to know what I experienced, and sharing my story gives me a chance to do that without being too 'preachy'.
  4. And the last reason is, hopefully, I can provide comfort and hope to someone else who is in a similar situation. I got through it. You will get through it.

In this video I share only bits and pieces of my story. It's not even close to the full reality I was facing, this was a five minute clip for church. I couldn't show any of my meltdowns as my grandma held me tight, my sleepless face, my blank mind, the pain I had in my gut, and the fear that followed me everywhere. That's not something you can capture in five minutes.

If you'd like to watch it, please do. If you'd like to share it with someone you know who is hurting, please share. If you want to learn more about a loved one who is struggling with anxiety and depression, this might give you a small glimpse into their thought processes.