A Letter to the Lost

by: Ashley Roman

Hey you. Yes, you.

Hey you who are struggling. You who don't feel like yourself. You who don't remember what being 'yourself' feels like.

Are you having a bad day? A bad week? Maybe a bad year?

This letter is for you; this is a letter of hope. This is an encouragement to help you rise above your battle. Wherever you are in your life, you need to know there is hope. Emotions are deceiving. You may have temporarily lost the ability to feel hopeful. Be assured, hope lives on.

Are you breathing? Then you have life. You are alive! What a beautiful gift that is. God has given you breath today- this is not an accident. If you are here, you have purpose. YOU HAVE PURPOSE. Finding purpose gives us hope.

Perhaps you have no idea what your purpose is in life, many of us don't. Maybe your purpose in life is found in the journey- the journey you're on right now.

For some, getting out of bed is one of the toughest moments of the day. You might think to yourself, "does it even matter"? The answer is YES. You have value, you are needed. Making the choice to put one foot in front of the other when you have no mental strength left, that is beauty. Maybe this was you today. I've been there.

This letter is for you to know you will not always feel this way. You have to believe; you have to believe in yourself. Maybe you need to write this on your bathroom mirror, "Thing's will get better". Put it in your phone. Remind yourself, as often as you need it.

There is joy all around you. You may have temporarily forgotten how to open your eyes and heart to joy- but soon you will remember. There is beauty in the sunshine out your window. There is beauty in the soft raindrops. There is beauty in every human you see. There is beauty in your steaming cup of coffee. Your only job today is to try and open your eyes, one moment at a time.


Someone who understands